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United States Constitutional Law: Authoritative Websites & Online Guides

This guide is intended to assist the user with basic constitutional law research, as well as to provide the researcher with further resources to consult. The most important sources are outlined including primary sources, treatises, hornbooks and more.

Constitutional Law Authoritative Websites & Online Guides

Cornell Law School Legal Information Institute (LII)
This website provides an overview of constitutional law, discussing certain articles and amendments and the text of the Constitution, historical documents, historical and recent constitutional law case decisions, state constitutions, constitutions of other countries, and other key internet sources.

This website contains a link to search Findlaw’s library, which contains constitutional law themed documents, briefs and articles. This website also links to historical resources, government agencies, the Supreme Court’s blog and publications on constitutional law issues.

FindLaw’s US Supreme Court Center
This website, which is fully searchable, contains a plethora of information about Supreme Court cases (including briefs, orders, rules, decisions and the court docket), biographies of justices, as well as commentary and analysis regarding current Supreme Court issues.

Georgetown Law Library Constitutional Law Research Guide
This website provides a foundation for research in both federal and state constitutional law, listing both primary and secondary resources. It also provides a link to Georgetown’s Supreme Court Research Guide.

GPO Access
This site allows you to search and browse the Constitution, as well as its analyses and interpretations.

Library of Congress
This website has a number of versions of the Constitution with text and commentaries, as well as many historical texts, Supreme Court decisions and legal guides.

This website is a guide to assist with Supreme Court research. It contains links to other Supreme Court sites, cases, guides and history. It also contains information about the justices and articles about specific constitutional issues.

Supreme Court of the United States
This is the official website for the Supreme Court. This website contains information about the Supreme Court, the Court’s rules and case handling guides. The Court’s docket, as well as briefs, opinions and orders can be fully searched.

Google Web Search