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Mortgage Foreclosure in New York: Articles

This guide will help the researcher access mortgage foreclosure information as quickly and efficiently as possible. It includes a variety of resources including information on forms, statutes, case law, treatises, articles and more.

Online Legal Article Databases

Legal Trac (Gale), Gale Cengage Learning

This resource is the online version of the print resource known as Current Law Index.  We do not carry CLI in print form.

Index to Legal Periodicals & Books, H.W. Wilson Company

This resource is now available only online.

Articles on Westlaw and Lexis-Nexis

Both Westlaw and Lexis-Nexis have bar journals and law reviews database that can be searched.

Some recent articles are:

Bankruptcy and Mechanic’s Liens in Foreclosure: an Overview, Pamela Smith Holleman and Lesley M. Varghese, 91 Massachusetts Law Review, 116 (11) Oct. 2008.

Foreclosing a Conflict: Lawyers and Bankers Working Together,  Susan Beck, 30 American Lawyer 33, (1) August, 2008.

Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008, Bruce Arthur, 46 Harvard Journal on Legislation, 585-606, Summer, 2009.

Housing in Foreclosure, Steven Seidenberg, 94 ABA Journal 54 (6) July, 2008.

Legislative and Regulatory Responses to the Foreclosure Crises, James H. Carr and Kate Davidoff, 17 Journal of Affordable Housing & Community Development Law, 283-289, Spring, 2008.

Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act of 2007, Rachel Carlton, 45 Harvard Journal on Legislation, 601-618, Summer, 2008.

New York’s New Home Equity Theft Prevention Act, A. Bramhandkar, G. Seaquist, North East Journal of Legal Studies, v. 21, p. 69-89, Spr., 2009.

Reducing Home Mortgage Foreclosure in a Predatory Lending Environment: a Case Study of a Mid-sized City in Central New York, Sandra Phillips, 36 Fordham Urban Law Journal 489 (19) April, 2009.

Stealing the American Dream: Can Foreclosure-rescue Companies Circumvent New Laws Designed to Protect Homeowners From Equity Theft?, Creola Johnson 2007 Wisconsin Law Review, 649-700, May-June, 2007.

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