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Mortgage Foreclosure in New York: Dictionaries

This guide will help the researcher access mortgage foreclosure information as quickly and efficiently as possible. It includes a variety of resources including information on forms, statutes, case law, treatises, articles and more.



New York Jurisprudence 2d, West Thomson Reuters 

KFN 5065 .N48 (Touro Law School – second floor) (also available on Westlaw and Lexis-Nexis) 

Although New York Jurisprudence is an encyclopedia, volumes 112 through 116, inclusive are “Words and Phrases.”  These volumes are paperbacks which are replaced annually.  While strictly speaking not a dictionary, it does give judicial construction to legal terms in Vol.113, D – H, foreclosure is defined (p. 1013).  It will move the researcher along in that it cites cases and gives West Key Numbers.

Words and Phrases, West Thomson Reuters 

KF 156 .W672 (Touro Law School - first floor, Reference) (also available on Westlaw) 

A hardcover work, updated annually with a pocket part.  Vol. 17 Find to Forgay contains foreclosure.  Coverage begins with “Foreclose” on page 417 and concludes with “Foreclosure Value” on page 423.  See also pages 44 and 45 in the 2009 pocket part.  Again, one finds cites to cases and West’s Key Numbers to further one’s research.

Ballentine’s Law Dictionary, Third Edition, William S. Anderson, editor, 1969, Lawyers Co-operative Publishing Company, Bancroft-Whitney Co.,    

 KF 156 .B3 1969, (Touro Law School - first floor) (also available on Lexis-Nexis) 

On page 486 we find eight different entries beginning with “foreclosure” and ending with “foreclosure suit”.  One function of the dictionary is to remind the researcher that there are different types of foreclosure.  Ballentine’s also has references out to cases and American Jurisprudence.

Black’s Law Dictionary, Ninth Edition, Bryan A. Garner, Editor in Chief,   2009, Thomson West

KF 156 .B 53 (Touro Law School - Circulation Desk in Reference area)

On page 719 one finds “foreclosure, equitable foreclosure, judicial foreclosure and other foreclosure definitions.  There are cites to case and Key Number references.  However, if one looks to the eight edition (KF156.B53, Gould Law Library-first floor and Westlaw) one finds cites to cases, Key Numbers, and references to C.J.S. a potential time saver.  In the seventh edition ((KF156.B53, Gould Law Library-first floor), there are only case cites, no references to Key Numbers or C.J.S.