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Federal Administrative Law: Agencies

This guide serves as an introduction to federal administrative law. It includes research resources on federal agencies, The Federal Register, Code of Federal Regulations, treatises, administrative decisions and more.


The first step is to locate the agency which regulates the subject matter you are looking for.  You can go to the web page of the agency itself.  If you do not know the URL, you can go to which has an A-Z index of government departments and agencies and is available for free.  It has direct links to agency web sites and you can search by topic or do a keyword search to find a particular agency.  While the agency web site is a good place to begin, the agency web page may not be current.  It is important to look to see the last time the web page was updated.

Louisiana State University Libraries Federal Agency Directory

This directory lists agencies that are listed in The United States Government Manual, and has direct links to the agency’s web page.   It is intended for people who know what agency they are looking for and who do not know the URL.  It is searchable by agency keyword and not by subject.

The United States Government Manual

REFO JK464 . U586 (Gould Law Library-first floor)

This contains information about every bureau, office, agency, commission and board of the executive branch.

Subject Guide