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Federal Administrative Law: Treatises

This guide serves as an introduction to federal administrative law. It includes research resources on federal agencies, The Federal Register, Code of Federal Regulations, treatises, administrative decisions and more.


Administrative Law, Aman, A. C., Jr., & Mayton, W. T., West Publishing Co.

KF5402 .A8 1993 (Gould Law Library - first floor)

This is a hornbook intended for the student and is intended to provide a comprehensive analysis of administrative law.  Topics covered include adjudication, rulemaking, consistency in agency action, Freedom of Information Act and other statutes, and judicial, executive and legislative control of agency actions and decisions.  There are the following appendices:  Statutory Appendix; Administrative Law Research on Westlaw; Table of Cases; Table of Statutes.

A Guide to Federal Agency Adjudication, Litwak, J.B. (Ed.), American Bar Association

KF5407 .G838 2012 (Gould Law Library - first floor)

This is a handbook developed by the American Bar Association:  Section of Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice and is intended to assist lawyers engaged in administrative adjudication under the federal Administrative Procedure Act.

Understanding Administrative LawFox, W.F., New York: Lexis Publishing

Reserve, KF5402 .F68 2012 (Gould Law Library - first floor)

This is a general overview of administrative law and the process of administrative decision-making.  Chapters include the external controls of the legislative and executive branches on agencies; rulemaking; trial type proceedings; judicial review of agency actions; informal agency action and private actions against the government and government officials; obtaining government information and new directions in administrative law.  There is an  index and appendices which contain the Administrative Procedure Act, the Model State Administrative Procedure Act and a Table of Cases at the end.

Federal Administrative Procedure Sourcebook, ABA Publishing

KF5406 .A3 2008 (Gould Law Library - first floor)

This work is a basic introduction on procedural statutes and includes the text of each statute along with explanations, legislative history, additional sources and a bibliography.    Chapters include the following:  Administrative Procedure Act; Judicial review of Agency Action; Congressional Review of Agency Rulemaking; White House Orders, Bulletins, and Memoranda on Regulation; Administrative Dispute Resolution Act; Agency Practice Act; Contract Disputes Act; E-government Act of 2000; Equal Access to Justice Act; Federal Advisory Committee Act; Federal Register Act; Federal Tort Claims Act; Freedom of Information Act;  Government in the Sunshine Act; Government Performance and Results Act; Information Quality Act; National Environmental Policy Act; Negotiated Rulemaking Act;  Paperwork Reduction Act; Privacy Act; Regulatory Flexibility Act; Unfunded Mandates Reform Act. 

Administrative Law and Process in a Nutshell (5th ed.), Thomson West

KF5402.Z9 G4 2006 (Gould Law Library - first floor) (also available on Westlaw)

This is a general overview of administrative law.  It includes chapters on the delegation of authority, political controls over agencies, the scope of judicial review, acquiring and disclosing information, the informal administrative process, procedural due process, formal adjudications, procedural shortcuts, rules and rulemaking, and obtaining judicial review.  There are two appendices which contain selected constitutional and statutory provisions and a guide to acronyms and common abbreviations of federal agencies. There is also a table of cases, table of statutes and a table of agencies.  There is an index at the end.

Administrative Law and Practice, West Publishing Co.

KF5407 .K63 1997 (Gould Law Library - first floor) (also available on Westlaw)

This multi-volume work is updated annually and contains detailed explanations of all aspects of dealing with state and federal administrative agencies.  Volume I contains chapters on the nature and sources of administrative law, and information on the rulemaking process.  Volume II focuses on the adjudication process of administrative agencies and Volume III concerns the review of administrative actions and decisions.   There is a table of statutes, table of rules and regulations, table of cases and an index at the end of Volume III.   This work is available on Westlaw through the database Administrative Law & Practice (ADMLP).

A Guide to Federal Agency Rulemaking (4th ed.), ABA Publishing

KF5407 .A616 2006 (Gould Law Library - first floor)

This guide is divided into four parts which include:  an overview of federal agency rulemaking; the statutory framework for rulemaking; informal rulemaking in practice; and the judicial review of agency rulemaking.

Developments in Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice, J. S. Lubbers Ed., ABA Publishing

KF5402 .D38 (Gould Law Library - first floor)

This book is a compilation of reports written by experts who are members of the Section of Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice of the American Bar Association and is designed for practitioners to keep them informed of the latest developments in administrative law and related fields.  Part I is entitled the “Administrative Process Committees” and has the following chapters:  Adjudication; Constitutional Law and Separation of Powers; E-Rulemaking; Government Information and Privacy; Interstate Compacts; Judicial Review; Legislative Process and Lobbying; and Rulemaking.  Part II is entitled “Government Functions Committees” and contains the following chapters:  Benefits; Beverage Alcohol Practice; Communications; Education; Elections; Energy; Food and Drug; Health and Human Services; Immigration and Naturalization; International Trade and Customs; Securities, Commodities and Exchanges; Transportation; and Veterans Affairs.

Administrative Rulemaking: Structuring, Opposing and Defending Federal Agency Regulations (2nd ed.), Thomson Reuters West

KF5411 .O73 2007 (Gould Law Library - first floor)

This source examines rulemaking of federal agencies in detail including the judicial review of the rulemaking process.  There are appendices which include the Administrative Procedure Act; Paperwork Reduction Act; Presidential Documents; Regulatory Flexibility Act; and the National Environmental Policy Act.  There is a table of laws and rule, table of cases and an index at the end.

Administrative Law Treatise (5th ed.), Aspen Law & Business

KF5402 .D32 2002 (Gould Law Library - first floor)

This is a leading treatise in the field of administrative law and is intended for the practitioner and scholar and has been cited by the courts.  It is a three volume work which is updated annually by a cumulative supplement and provides the latest developments in administrative law.  Volume I contains the following chapters:  The Administrative Process; Philosophical and Constitutional Foundations; Statutory Construction and Administrative Law; Investigation; The Freedom of Information Act and Other Open Government Acts; Rules; Rulemaking Procedure and Statutory Requirements for Adjudication.  Volume II contains chapters on Due Process, Evidence, Judicial Review of Adjudications, Agency Delay, Estoppel and Primary Jurisdiction.  Volume III reviews standing, discretion, remedies and tort liability of governments.  There are appendices which include the Constitution, Administrative Procedure Act, Freedom of Information Act, Privacy Act, Government in Sunshine Act, Negotiated Rulemaking Act, Alternative Dispute Resolution Act, Federal Advisory Committee Act, Equal Access to Justice Act, Federal Tort Claims Act, National Environmental Policy Act and the Paperwork Reduction Act.  There is a table of cases, table of authorities and index at the end of Volume III.

Administrative Law, Lexis-Nexis

KF5402 .M4 (Gould Law Library - first floor)

This multi-volume treatise is an overview of federal administrative law and the administrative process.  It is intended for the practitioner and law student and reviews the powers, functions, and procedures of administrative agencies including how agencies make their decisions and the judical review of the decisions.  This treatise is available on Lexis by the file name ADMLAW.


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