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Finding Foreign Law at the Gould Law Library: Online Public Access Catalog


You can search for Foreign Law on the Library’s Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC).  The OPAC has detailed records of the 400,000-plus items owned by the Library and available to you.  Dedicated OPAC terminals can be found on the 1st floor (outside the reference  office), 2nd floor (north of the stairs), and 3rd floor (Judaica Room).  You can also access the OPAC in the computer labs (3rd floor),  wirelessly throughout the building, and off campus by visiting the Library's homepage, and clicking "Research and Resources" and then on “Gould Law Library Catalog.”  The OPAC screen will appear and you can search for items by keyword (basic and advanced), title, author, subject, and call number.  A one- to three-word keyword search usually works best.  Look over the results list to determine whether the Library owns what you are looking for.  If it does, then jot down the call number and retrieve the item yourself or ask a librarian for help.  If it does not, then you may want to search the  Library’s online collection, free internet, or ask a librarian for help.  You will be surprised at what the Library owns.  The OPAC is your portal to discovering all of these things easily and quickly.