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Elder Law: Secondary Print Sources


The following treatises, textbooks, handbooks, looseleafs and journals can be located within the Touro Law Center Law Library. These items lists below are not exhaustive however, and additional items may be located within the Library. Additional relevant materials may be found by using the Library’s online catalog, and searching for the following Library of Congress (LC) subject headings:

Age discrimination—Law and legislation—New York (State) 

Age discrimination—Law and legislation—United States

Capacity and disability—New York (State)   

Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 

Estate Planning—United States  

Guardian and ward—New York (State)

Legal Assistance to older people—New York (State)  

Medicaid—Law and Legislation 

Medicare—Law and legislation 

Older people—Legal status, laws, etc., New York (State)  

Older people—Legal status, laws, etc., United States

Older people—Medical care—New York (State)

Older people—Medical care—Law and legislation—United States

Older people—Services for

People with disabilities—Legal status, laws, etc.,--New York (State)

Power of Attorney—New York (State)

Social Security—Law and legislation—United States

Supplemental security income program—Law and legislation  


1.  Advising the Elderly Client/ by A. Kimberley Dayton et al. (St. Paul, MN.: Thomson Reuters/West, 2010.)
Location: KF390 .A4 A45 1992 (Library 1st Floor)
Looseleaf set that takes a practice oriented perspective on issues affecting the elderly. Some topics covered are: Social Security and Supplemental Security Income, Medicare, Medicaid, incapacity and discrimination.

2.  Advising the Elderly or Disabled Client/ by Lawrence A. Frolik and Melissa C. Brown (Valhalla, N.Y.: Thomson/TTA, 2011)
Location: KF390 .A4 F75 2000 (Library 1st Floor)
Addresses legal issues involving the representation and care of elderly and disabled persons with an emphasis on making plans and taking legal strategies that are in the best interests of the client.

3.  Elder Law Portfolio Series/ by Harry S. Margolis (New York, N.Y.: Aspen Publishers, 2011.)
Location: KF390 .A4 E54 (Library 1st Floor)
Looseleaf series geared toward the elder law practitioner and which contains the latest developments in the field of elder law.

4.  Guardianship Practice in New York State/ edited by Robert Abrams, Esq. (Albany, NY: New York State Bar Association, 2004.)
Location: KFN5134 .G84 (Library 2nd Floor)
Two volume looseleaf set which contains in-depth information as to the various facets of the guardianship process and the many provisions of Article 81 of the New York State Mental Hygiene Law.

5.  Social Security Practice Guide (Newark, N.J.: Lexis Nexis/Matthew Bender, 2010.)
Location: KF3649 .S635 (Library 1st Floor)
Multi-volume looseleaf series dedicated to providing comprehensive coverage of all aspect of the Social Security system.

Treatises, Texts & Handbooks

1.   Assessment of Older Adults with Diminished Capacity: A Handbook for Pyschologists/ by ABA Commission on Law and Aging and American Psychological Association (Washington, D.C.: American Bar Association and American Psychological Association, 2008.)
Location: KF390.A4 A87 2008 (Library 1st Floor)
Handbook geared toward psychologists that are treating clients with diminshed capacity.

2.  Assessment of Older Adults with Diminished Capacity/ by ABA Commission on Law and Aging and American Psychological Association (Washington, D.C.: American Bar Association and American Psychological Association, 2005.)
Location: KF390 .A4 A874 2005 (Library 1st Floor)
Handbook geared toward attorneys representing persons with diminished capacity.

3.  Counseling Older Clients/ by Alison Barnes et al. (Philadelphia, PA: ALIABA, 2005.)
Location: KF390 .A4 B37 2005 (Library 1st Floor)
Offers an abundance of resources and information regarding guidelines and regulations which impact the lives of elderly persons.

 4.  Elder Law/ by Mike E. Jorgensen (Lake Mary, FL: Vandeplas Publishing, 2008.)
Location: KF390 .A4 J67 (Library 1st Floor)
Addresses issues surrounding capacity, health care, transportation and housing.

 5.  Elder Law and Financial Strategies: Planning for Later in Life/ by Jerry A. Hyman (New York, N.Y.: Law Journal Press, 2008.)
Location: KF390.A4 H96 (Library 1st Floor)
Topics include: powers of attorney; health care directives, guardianship, Medicaid, and Social Security.

6.  Elder Law and Will Drafting/ by Jessica R. Amelar, et al. (Albany, NY: New York State Bar Association, 2011.)
Location: KFN5111 .A33 E43 (Library 2nd Floor)
Provides an introduction to elder law in New York State and cover topics such as: health care proxies, power of attorney, guardianship, Medicare, Medicaid, trusts and estate plans.

7.  Elder Law Answer Book/ by Robert B. Fleming and Lisa Nachmias Davis (New York, N.Y.: Aspen Publishers, 2009.)
Location: KF390 .A4 F58 2004 (Library 1st Floor)
This book is organized in a question and answer format providing information on topics such as: Medicaid; Medicare; guardianship; age
discrimination, and veteran’s benefits.

8. Elder Law in a Nutshell/ by Lawrence A. Frolik and Richard L. Kaplan (St. Paul, MN: Thomson/West, 2010.)
Location: KF390 .A4 F752 2010 (Library 1st Floor)
Provides a succinct introduction to elder law.

9. Everyday Law for Seniors/ by Lawrence A. Frolick and Linda S. Whitton (Boulder, CO: Paradigm Publishers, 2010.)
Location: KF390.A4 F7535 (Library 1st Floor)
Monograph which addresses Age Discrimination in Employment Act; Supplemental Security Income and Social Security; Medicare; Medicaid; guardianship and mental incapacity.

10. Law and Older Persons/ by Marshall B. Kapp (Durham, N.C.: Carolina Academic Press, 2003.)
Location: KF390 .A4 K36 2003 (Library 1st Floor)
Examines, through a therapeutic jurisprudence perspective, the ways in which the law can impact elderly persons in such areas as medical care, guardianship, and long term care.  

11. Mastering Elder Law/ by Ralph C. Brashier (Durham, N.C.: Carolina Academic Press, 2010.)
Location: KF390.A4 .B73 (Library 1st Floor)
Book is designed to assist the reader in mastering the substance and concepts of elder law.

12. New Times, New Challenges: Law and Advice for Savvy Seniors and their Families/ by Kenney F. Hegland and Robert b. Fleming (Durham, N.C.: Carolina Academic Press, 2010.)
Location: KF390.A4 H443
Book is intended to provide the readers with information they need to know as they age.

13.  New York Elder Law and Special Needs Practice/ by Vincent J. Russo and Marvin Rachlin (St. Paul, MN: Thomson/West, 2010.)
Location: KFN5111 .A33 N352 (Library 2nd Floor)
Intended to serve as a reference source for both elder law practitioners and law students. Covers a broad range of elder law topics and contains forms.

14. Residence Options for Older and Disabled Clients/ by Lawrence A. Frolick (Chicago, I.L.: American Bar Association, 2008.)
Location: KF390.A4 F755 (Library 1st Floor)
Book addresses: housing needs of the elderly; retirement communities; nursing homes and hospice care.  

15. Rights of the Elderly/ by Fred C. Pampel (New York: Facts on File, 2008.)
Location: KF390.A4 P36 (Library 1st Floor)
Goal of this book is to provide the reader with the essential information to begin working on and researching issues surrounding elder law.  The book provides a history of elder law, biographical information on key figures in the field, annotated bibliography and index.

16. Social Security and Medicare Answer Book/ by David A. Pratt (New York, N.Y.: Aspen Publishers, 2011.)
Location: KF3649 .P69 (Library 1st Floor)
Comprehensive coverage of Social Security and Medicare. Provides answers to the many issues that arise under these laws and covers new developments in these areas of law.

17. Social Security Claims and Procedures/ by Harvey L. McCormick (St. Paul, M.N.: Thomson Reuters/West, 2009.)
Location: KF3649.M27 (Library 1st Floor)
Publication is intended to be a guide for advising and representing clients with claims under Title II and Title XVI of the Social Security Act. This publication is kept current through pocket parts and the Library has volumes 1 and 2 of the 2011 Supplement.

18. Understanding Elder Law/ by L. Rush Hunt, et al. (Chicago, IL: ABA Publishing, 2002.)
Location: KF390 .A4 H86 2002 (Library 1st Floor)
Topics addressed include: Social Security, Veteran’s Benefits, Medicare, Supplemental Security Income, Medicaid, and Retirement Benefits. Contains forms for powers of attorney, trusts and living wills.

19. Understanding the Social Security Act: the Foundation of Social Welfare for America in the Twenty-First Century/ by Andrew W. Dobelstein (Oxford; New York: Oxford University Press, 2009.)
Location: KF3649.D63 (Library 1st Floor)
Provides an overview of the Social Security Act and Supplemental Security Income.




1.  Elder Law Journal.
Location: Law Periodicals (Library Concourse)
This journal is published semiannually by students at the University of Illinois College of Law and addresses elder law issues.

2.  NAELA (National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys) Journal
Location: Law Periodicals (Library Concourse)
This journal is published semiannually and contains substantive articles by practicing members of NAELA, professors and other elder law