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Elder Law: Online Sources

Internet Sources

1.  AARP (formerly American Association of Retired Persons)
A nonpartisan membership organization for people 50 years of age or older. AARP addresses issues important to persons 50 and over and provides a plethora of services to such persons. Such services include: driver safety program, tax aide, senior community service employment program, and discounts on auto, homeowners and life insurance, health care insurance, travel discounts, etc.
2.  ABA Commission on Law and Aging
Contains an online Law and Aging Resource Guide and offers information on guardianships, elder abuse, commission projects, and legislative updates.
Official benefits site of U.S. government. Benefits addressed by this site include: Medicaid/Medicare; Social Security; veteran’s insurance; healthcare; and disability assistance.
4.  Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (Formerly Health Care Financing Administration) 
Provides information on Medicare and Medicaid.
5.  National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys 
An association of attorneys who seek to improve legal services to the elderly. Website contains a directory of attorneys who belong to the association and tips on selecting an elder law attorney.
Is an arm of the Administration of Aging that provides information, counseling, and advocacy for older persons and their caregivers.
National resource center whose goal is to prevent elder abuse and mistreatment.
This organization seeks to prevent abuse and neglect of older persons. This website contains links to NCPEA publications, the Journal of Elder Abuse and Neglect and Nexus, a publication for NCPEA affiliates. In addition, this site contains an expert advice section.
Is a statewide group dedicated to protecting New York’s elderly population from abuse and neglect. The site includes information on services such as: elder abuse prevention; geriatric substance abuse; guardianship; and Medicare.
The goal of this agency is to “help older New Yorkers to be as independent as possible for as long as possible through advocacy, development, and delivery of person-centered, consumer-oriented…programs and services.” The website contains a Senior Citizens Resource guide as well as addresses topics such as health insurance, housing and long term care.
11.  Social Security Administration 
Contains information on Medicare, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), survivors’ benefits, and retirement.
Provides official information and services from the U.S. government which are available to senior citizens. Topics include: consumer protection for seniors, advanced directives, estate planning, Age Discrimination in Employment Act, and eldercare.
The Administration on Aging is an advocacy agency for elderly persons. AoA website provides information on a variety of topics, programs and services affecting the elderly; including, elder rights and resources, Alzheimer’s, housing and services for seniors. 
Contains information pertinent to veterans and covers such topics as: pension; life insurance; survivors’ benefits; pharmacy benefits; and health care.


1.  Westlaw

 Advising the Elderly Client (ADVELD)

Advising the Elderly Client-Pensions and Retirement (ADVELD-PNR)

Andrews Health Law Litigation Reporter (ANHLLR)

Combined Elder Law Forms (ELDFORM-ALL)

Durable Powers of Attorney and Health Care Directives (DURPOA)

Elderlaw: Advocacy for the Aging (ELDERLAW)

Elder Law and Guardianship in New York (NYELDGUARD)

Elder Law Journal (ELDLJ)

Elder Law Advisory (ELDLAWADV)

Marquette’s Elder Law Advisor (MARQEA)

Medicare and Medicaid Claims and Procedures (MEDCLAIMS)

Medicare/Medicaid (Health Law) Cases-New York (NYHTH-CS)

New York Elder Law Forms (NY-ELDFORM)

New York Elder Law Practice (NYELDLAW)

New York Elder Law Handbook (PLIREF-NYELD)

New York Medicaid Manual-Elder (NY-MEDICAID)

2.  Lexis

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (HCFMAN)

Current Legal Forms for Estate Planning (CLFEPL)

Elder Law Weekly (ELDLW)

Long Term Care Advocacy (LTCARE)

Federal and State Cases-Selected Elder Material (MEGA)

National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys Journal/Quarterly (NAELAQ)

New York Elder Law Handbook (NYELH)

New York Guide to Tax, Estate & Financial Planning for the Elderly (NYTELD)

NOSSCR Social Security Practice Guide (SSPRAC)

Tax Estate & Financial Planning for the Elderly (ELDERP)

Tax Estate & Financial Planning for the Elderly: Forms and Practice (TAXELD)