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Animal Law: Secondary Sources

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4 Am Jur 2d, Animals sec. 27-29

3A CJS Animals sec. 100-112

3 NY Jur 2d Animals sec. 59-102

American Law Reports (ALRs)

American Law Reports

6 ALR5th 733 - What Constitutes Offense of Cruelty to Animals – Modern Cases

This annotation collects and analyzes the cases decided in or after 1950 that discuss what constitutes the offense of cruelty to animals.

Case:  Regalado v. United States (1990, Dist Col App) 572 A2d 416, 6 ALR5th 1178.  A prosecution for beating a puppy, the court held that the evidence supported an inference of discipline crossing over the line to cruelty and held that the statute under which the plaintiff was charged did not require proof of specific intent to injure or abuse an animal but required only proof of general intent with malice.

Law Review Articles

Law Reviews

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