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Research Guide on Wills: With Special Emphasis on New York: NY STATUTES

This Research guide will discuss the laws of wills and decedent's estates in New York and also contain a general discussion on the laws of wills and the Uniform Probate Code.


The Estates Powers and Trusts Law (E.P.T.L.) contains the laws regarding the substantive laws of wills. The Surrogate’s Court Procedure Act (S.C.P.A.) contains the rules of procedure for the administration of estates in the Surrogate’s court in the state of New York. A student and researcher must be aware that the S.C.P.A. incorporates the Civil Practice Laws and Rules (C.P.L.R.).


Free Resource:  

The laws of the State of  New York are available on the web page of the New York State Assembly.  Click on EPT and the table of contents for the Estates Powers and Trusts Law.  You can easily click on the appropriate part and read the statute. 


McKinney's Consolidated Laws of New York Annotated.  KFN5030 1939 A.23.  Volume 58 A contains the Surrogate's Court and Procedure Act, and Volume 17B contains the Estates Powers and Trusts Law (E.P.T.L.).  This can be searched on Westlaw under the file name "NY-ST-ANN" or from the Law School tab by clicking on "Statutes by State" and then clicking on New York.


New York Consolidated Law Service:  Annotated Statutes with Forms. KFN5030 1976 .A24.   Volumes 12 D through 13 B contain the Estates Powers and Trusts Law (E.P.T.L.) and Volumes 31 E through 32 C contain the Surrogate's Court Procedure Act (S.C.P.A.)  This can be searched on Lexis under the file name "NYCODE" or by following the path:  Legal>Area of Law-By Topic>Estates, Gifts & Trusts>Find Statutes,Regulations and Administrative Materials>By State>NY-New York Consolidated Laws Service, Constitution, Court Rules & ALS Combin.