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Research Guide on Wills: With Special Emphasis on New York: Treatises

This Research guide will discuss the laws of wills and decedent's estates in New York and also contain a general discussion on the laws of wills and the Uniform Probate Code.


Uniform Probate Code and Uniform Trust Code in a Nutshell.   Lawrence H. Averill and Mary F. Radford.  KF765 .A947.  This is for the law student or practicing attorney and is an easy-to-read format.  It offers a comprehensive overview of the Uniform Probate Code. 

Wills, Trusts and Estates:  Examples and Explanations.  Gerry W. Beyer.  KF755 .Z9 B49 (2002).  This book offers an easy to read explanation of trusts and estates and covers such topics as intestacy, wills, administration, wealth transfer taxation, disability, death planning, malpractice and professional responsibility.  It is written for the law student and has a good introduction to estate planning.

Page on the law of wills, including probate, will contests, evidence, taxation, conflicts, estate planning, forms and statutes relating to wills.  William J. Bowe, Douglas H. Parker, and Jeffrey A. Schoenblum.  KF755 .P34.  The first 6 Volumes contain the substantive law of wills and trusts.  Volume 7 contains forms.  There is an additional appendix which contains the statutes of all of the states and the uniform acts that pertain to the laws of wills and trusts.  There is a general index.  It is intended for the researcher and the practitioner and is a great place to begin research when looking for information from other jurisdictions.  This is searchable under the file name "PWILLS" or by following the path:  Legal>Area of Law-by-topic>Estates,Gifts & Trusts>Search, Analysis, Law Reviews & Journals>Page on Wills.

Preface to Wills, Trusts and Administration.  Paul G. Haskell. RES KF755 .H27.  This is a general work and describes the Uniform Probate Code.  It is meant for the law student.  Chapters include intestacy; execution and validity of wills; revocation of wills; content and construction of wills; will substitutes; limitations upon dispositive power; administration of decedent's estate; spendthrift, discretionary, support and protective trusts; trust termination and deviation; charitable trusts; fiduciary administration.  It contains an appendix which contains a sample will and living trust.  It also has a general index and  table of cases.

Principals of Wills, Trusts and Estates William M. McGovern, Jr., and Sheldon F. Kurtz. KF755 .M342. This is a hornbook and is intended for the law student.  It contains explanations that are easy to read and understand with footnotes to cases and statutes.  There is a table of cases, table of Uniform Probate Code sections and a general index.

Wills and Trusts in a NutshellRobert L. Mennell, and Sherri L. Burr. This book is designed for the law student and offers easy to read explanations and examples of many of the terms and issues regarding the law of wills and trusts.  It explains the Uniform Probate Code, and there are no footnotes.

HEINONLINE:  Library: National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws, Archive. Probate Code. Here you can find all amendments to the Uniform Probate Code as amended by the National Conference of Commissioners including transcripts to the annual meetings.