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Social Media Use for Attorneys: E-Advertising: Electronic Resources

Social media has become prolific in our everyday professional and personal lives. This LibGuide will introduce you to resources that may guide you in the responsible and beneficial use of social media in your future law practice.



The following list of links will lead you to popular blogs on the topic of e-advertising for and by attorneys.  These are just some of the useful "blawgs" that you can follow.  Blogs are only as useful and reliable as their authors, so when reading any blog, you should be sure to investigate the authority and reliability of the authors and/or contributors by verifying their credentials and researching their reputation on the Web.  Also, take note of how often the blog is updated, for a lack of currency can render the website unreliable.  Also, blogs on social media marketing for attorneys are often affliated with companies who sell these services for a fee, so keep that in mind when reading them.  This list is alphabetical, and there is no ranking of one over any other, so take a look at them and find the one that best serves your needs.

Bloomberg Law ~ Survey: Firms With Blogs Grow Revenue Faster


Here are some articles to get you started as you begin to learn about social media use by attorneys in the context of marketing one's practice.  This list is simply suggestive and is by no means exhaustive.  You should continue this research on your own, using all the research resources the Gould Law Library has to offer you.