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Social Media Use for Attorneys: Searching

Social media has become prolific in our everyday professional and personal lives. This LibGuide will introduce you to resources that may guide you in the responsible and beneficial use of social media in your future law practice.


Whether you're looking on the Internet in your preferred search engine, or scrolling the library databases or catalog for a resource, it always helps to know how to find a resource.  After all, how can you find an information resource if you do not know how or where to look for it?  Keywords and subject headings get you to the resource faster, because you've begun by looking in the right place.

Below are two boxes that will help you as you conduct research or seek information about this topic.  Consider using the suggested keywords when searching on this topic in an online database or on the Internet.  Or, if you are working within a library, consider looking under the suggested Library of Congress subject headings to find resources.

To learn more about how our Library and other law libraries organize resources using the Library of Congress subject headings, click here.


Suggested keywords to use when researching this topic:

socia media, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google +, Delicious, Cloud Computing, tweeting, posting, digital media, cloud computing, blogging, blog, electronic discovery, e-discovery, ESI, electronically stored information


Combine the above-listed keywords with any one or more of the following:  attorneys, lawyers, legal, law, legislation, legal risk, or government to further refine your search.

Library of Congress Subject Headings

In order to search the Gould Law Library catalog (OPAC) by Library of Congress Subject Heading, select "Subject" from the drop-down menu (instead of the default "Keyword" search) and then enter the subject heading of your choice.  You may want to consider using the following subject headings to begin your research:

Digital media--Social aspects         

Mass media--Social aspects        

Mass media--Social aspects--Congresses                           

Mass media--Social aspects--Brazil          

Mass media--Social aspects—Germany

Mass media--Social aspects--Germany (West)  

Mass media--Social aspects--India

Mass media--Social aspects--Italy            

Mass media--Social aspects--Japan         

Mass media--Social aspects--Korea (South)        

Mass media--Social aspects--United States

Social classes in mass media       

Social conflict in mass media

Social media      

Social media--Economic aspects

Social media--Law and legislation

Social problems in mass media  

Social sciences in mass media    

Stereotypes (Social psychology) in mass media

User-generated media