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State Statutes and Local Laws: NY Online Resources

NY Session Laws Online

New York Chapter Laws

NY State Legislature Chapter List

  • Free resource.
  • Published online by the New York State Legislature.
  • To find a chapter law, click on the down arrow next to the box labeled "Bill No." to select a search by chapter no.  Be sure to select the applicable year.
  • Searchable by chapter number only.
  • Check the boxes to see the summary, full-text, and Sponsor's Memo for the chapter law.

Hein Online - New York Legal Research Library

  • Subscription access only.
  • To access, click on the link titled "Session Laws" (all the way to the right on the top row of resources).
  • Select the second set of resources, entitled "New York."
  • You can view every chapter law for the State of New York, dating back to 1691 when New York was a colony.  Click on the links to expand.
  • Available in PDF Format.
  • Only searchable by citation.

NY Legislative Service, Inc.

  • Provides a list of all chapter laws enacted in any given year.  Each chapter law has a short synopsis of the content of the law enacted.
  • Free resource provided on the website blog.
  • Searchable by year only.

HeinOnline New York State Legal Research Library

Looking for insight into New York Statutes? Check out the Hein Online New York State Legal Research Library. It provides digital access to New York statutory volumes dating back to 1752 and session laws dating back to the New York Colony (1691), as well as a host of other New York legal research resources.

You must have a subscription to access this database. As a TLC student, you have access.

Take a Look . . .

Jump over to this page if you need more information and to learn about New York Slip Laws, Session Laws and Codified Laws.

The NY Code Online

The Consolidated Laws of New York

New York State Assembly

  • Free online resource.
  • The Code is unannotated.
  • Navigate by clicking on the link for the Title (subject) in which you want to search.  Also searchable by word or phrase.

McKinney's Consolidated Laws of New York Annotated

  • Available through WestlawNext
  • From the main search page, click on the tab, "State Materials" located under the "Browse" heading. At the next page, click on the link for "New York." Once on the New York page, click on the link "Statutes & Court Rules" in the top right hand side box, which is entitled "Browse New York." Then, click the link to the topic in the Code in which you wish to search.
  • You can also select the "All Content" tab on the WestlawNext homepage, and under that tab, click the link, "Statutes & Court Rules." On the Statutes page, click the link for "New York," then click the link to the topic in the Code in which you wish to search.
  • Once you're at the New York Statutes & Court Rules page, under "Tools & Resources," (on the top right of the page), you can find links to search historical statutes, bill tracking, the unannotated code, and Westlaw's available legislative history and bill jackets for New York statutes.

New York Consolidated Laws Service: Annotated Statutes with Forms

  • Available through Lexis Advance:  Click the "Browse Sources" link above the red search box, then, using the "Search Sources" box in the left navigation pane, search "NY - New York Consolidated Laws Service". 
  • Click "View Table of Contents" to browse, and select the link to the topic in the Code in which you wish to search using the drop down arrows.

Bloomberg Law - New York Legislative Materials

  • Bloomberg provides access to a variety of different New York legislative materials.  Their version of the code is unannotated.
  • From the main Start page, in the "Getting Started" box, click on the link for "State Law" resources.  From there, click on New York State on the map.  At the "New York" page, click on the link for "N.Y. Legislative."  
  • From there, you can access the New York Consolidated Laws, as well as many other links to New York legislative materials. When using the New York Consolidated Laws, you can either click the link to the topic in the Code in which you wish to search, or search by keyword.