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United States Constitutional Law: Primary Sources

This guide is intended to assist the user with basic constitutional law research, as well as to provide the researcher with further resources to consult. The most important sources are outlined including primary sources, treatises, hornbooks and more.

United States Constitution

The primary source of information on constitutional law is of course the Constitution, as well as the case law that interprets the Constitution. The following annotated editions of the United States Constitution can be found in Gould Law Library:

United States Code Annotated (USCA), West Publishing Company
KF62.5.W4 1987 (Library 1st floor) (also available on Westlaw)
West’s Key Number System is utilized in the annotated case notes (notes of decisions).

United States Code Service (USCS), Lawyers Co-operative Publishing Company
KF62.L28 1972 (Library 1st floor) (also available on Lexis)

The Constitution of the United States of America: Analysis and Interpretation, Congressional Research Service-Library of Congress
KF4527.A3 (Library 1st floor - Reference) (also available online at GPO Access)
This includes annotations of the most important Supreme Court cases. It also includes historical information, such as Supreme Court dissenting opinions and overruled decisions, as well as proposed amendments and laws that were deemed unconstitutional.