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United States Constitutional Law: Treatises, Hornbooks, Encyclopedias & Dictionaries

This guide is intended to assist the user with basic constitutional law research, as well as to provide the researcher with further resources to consult. The most important sources are outlined including primary sources, treatises, hornbooks and more.

Constitutional Law Treatises

American Constitutional Law, Laurence H. Tribe
KF4550.T785 2000 (Library Reserves and Second Floor)
This treatise analyzes specific constitutional issues, referencing other secondary sources, Supreme Court cases and the U.S. Code. It focuses on the structure of the Constitution and how it has structured the government to protect substantive rights and liberties.

Modern Constitutional Law, Chester James Antieau & William J. Rich
KF4550.R53 2011 (Library 2nd floor)
This treatise details how the Constitution maintains the delicate balance between protecting the interests of society and providing individual rights and liberties, as well as the balancing of state and federal governmental interests and the federal government’s separation of powers. It also analyzes civil and criminal justice issues.

Treatise on Constitutional Law: Substance and Procedure, Ronald D. Rotunda & John E. Nowak
KF4550.R63 2007 (Library 2nd floor)(also available on Westlaw as database [CONLAW])
This treatise analyzes constitutional issues with a focus on American political and economic history, so the reader can understand the purpose and reasoning behind the Constitution, its Amendments and Supreme Court decisions.

The Founder's Constitution, Philip B. Kurland & Ralph Lerner
KF4502.F68 1987 (Library 2nd floor) (also available online at
This five volume treatise discusses the historical background and the intent of the framers regarding the Constitution and its first 12 amendments. This is perfect for someone conducting historical research. This work contains entries that date from the early 17th century through 1835.

Constitutional Law Hornbooks

Constitutional Law, John E. Nowak & Ronald D. Rotunda
KF4550.N6 2010 (Library Reserves)
This hornbook analyzes and summarizes the basic principles of constitutional law. It also details constitutional law research on Westlaw.

Understanding Constitutional Law, John B. Attanasio, Joel K. Goldstein 
KF4550.Z9 R43 2012 (Library Reserves)
This hornbook, a revision and update of the 2005 text by Redlich, Attanasio & Goldstein, compliments the 1L constitutional law class, by analyzing and deciphering basic constitutional law principles.


Encyclopedias, Dictionaries and Other Resources

The Constitutional Law Dictionary, Ralph C. Chandler, Richard A. Enslen & Peter G. Renstrom
KF4548.5.C47 1985 (Library 1st floor – Reference)
This two volume dictionary provides definitions of constitutional law terminology and summarizes leading constitutional law cases.

Encyclopedia of the American Constitution, Leonard W. Levy & Kenneth L. Karst
KF4548.E53 1986 (Library 1st floor – Reference)
This encyclopedia contains articles written by over 200 authors, including lawyers, historians and political scientists. Each author discusses a principle of constitutional law or a particular Supreme Court case.

Constitutional Law in a Nutshell, Jerome A. Barron & C. Thomas Dienes
KF4550.Z9 B35 2009 (Library 2nd floor)
This is a comprehensive reference guide summarizing basic constitutional principles.