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Faculty Scholarship

Guide to publishing in law reviews and other legal periodicals


Law Review Indexes

Your article will have a better chance of getting read by people in your field if you narrow your submissions to particular publications.

Washington and Lee Law Journal Rankings: A database that allows you to search for journals by a specific subject, among other criteria. For example, did you write an article about Family Law? Search for law reviews that focus primarily on Family Law and select how you wish them to be ranked. They can be ranked by "Impact Factor," "Article Cites," "Currency Factor," "Case Cites," and/or "Combined Score." The top ranked law reviews in your area will be listed.

Law Reviews: Information and Index: For a more general look at the most prominent law reviews, check this list out. Browse through and just click on the title to be taken to the law review's homepage and submission information.

Most Cited Journals

These are two resources to show you metrics for most cited journals. Use your Touro Login to access Hein if you're off campus.

Hein Online Most Cited: This will show you the most cited authors, articles, and journals.

Google Scholar Metrics: This will show you which articles were cited the most and who cited them. You can also browse by area of interest.

Index to Legal Periodicals

Before you submit, you might want to make sure the publication is indexed in the Current Index to Legal Periodicals (CILP). So do yourself a favor and check this list, which has been graciously provided by the Gallagher Law Library at the University of Washington.

Publishing articles isn't just for academics. You need it to find success for your law firm too.

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