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Professional Responsibility Resource Guide: Be Prepared to Practice Responsibly: Websites

Please use this LibGuide as a start to your research. This is not meant to represent all the available information on the topic of Professional Responsibility. For further help, please see a reference librarian.

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American Bar Association

Google search suggestion

If you would like to try your own Google search remember these tips for finding reliable and authentic information on the Internet:

  • Who is responsible for the website?  An official recognized organization?  A recognized expert in the field?  Is the website offering a neutral objective view or does it offer a bias opinion or obvious agenda it seeks to promote.
  • When was it last updated?  Does the website offer current news and resources or is it out of date?
  • Who can edit the information on the website.  Is the website a wikipedia type source that can be edited by absolutely anyone?  Does the website provide some sort of authentication for its content?

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