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Professional Responsibility Resource Guide: ABA and State Standards

ABA Standards

ABA Standards

  • Professional Responsibility Resources

    • "The Center for Professional Responsibility and its entities offer numerous resources relating to ethics, professionalism, client protection, professional discipline, specialization and global initiatives." From this page you can find different resources regarding professionalism and requirements of the ABA.

  • Model Rules of Professional Conduct

    • According to the ABA "[t]he ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct  were adopted by the ABA House of Delegates in 1983. They serve as models for the ethics rules of most jurisdictions." 

  • Lawyer Ethics & Regulation

    • "Created by then ABA President Carolyn B. Lamm in 2009, the Commission performed a thorough review of the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct and the U.S. system of lawyer regulation in the context of advances in technology and global legal practice developments."

  • Judicial Ethics & Regulation

    • From this page you can find multiple materials and resources regarding the code of judicial ethics such as the current edition of the ABA Model Code of Judicial Conduct as well as older editions.

  • ABA Formal Ethics Opinions 

    • Ethics opinions within the last year are available free of charge. These can give you a better sense of how the rules for professional conduct are applied. 

  • ABA/BNA Lawyer's Manual on Professional Conduct Practice Guide

    • On bloomberg

State Standards

State Standards

  • Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility Resources by State

    • This page lists the rules of legal ethics and professional responsibility in other states. Each state maintains its own resources and accuracy and relevance should always be checked before relying on any of these resources.

  • New York Rules Governing Judicial Conduct

    • On this page you will find rules and guidelines governing judicial conduct. As the court states, these "rules are designed to provide guidance to judges and candidates for elective judicial office and to provide a structure for regulating conduct through disciplinary agencies." However, they are not intended as an exhaustive list. They "are intended, however, to state basic standards which should govern [judicial] conduct and to provide guidance."

  • NYSBA Ethics opinions 

    • These opinions have been issued by the NYSBA Committee on Professional Ethics. Opinions of the committee are advisory and are issued only to attorneys concerning their own proposed conduct, not past conduct or the conduct of another attorney.

  • Nassau County Bar Association Ethics Opinion

    • These opinions can give you a better sense of how the rules for professional conduct are applied within Nassau County. 

  • Suffolk County Bar Association Ethics Opinions

    • As above, these opinions can give you a better sense of how the rules for professional conduct are applied within Suffolk County. 

  • NYSBA Client Rights and Responsibilities

    • These guides provided by the New York State Bar Association offer guidance on what are the rights of clients. 

  • NYSBA Standards of Civility

    • These standards, amended on January 24, 2020, outline the "principles of behavior to which the bar, the bench and court employees should aspire." They are not meant to modify other rules are used for disciplinary action, but instead "encourage lawyers, judges and court personnel to observe principles of civility and decorum, and to confirm the legal profession’s rightful status as an honorable and respected profession."

  • Simon's New York rules of professional conduct annotated

    •  KFN5076.5.S46 A297 Currently updated. Contains more than 2,000 pages of analysis and commentary explaining the New York Rules of Professional Conduct and related sources regulating lawyers.