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Secondary Sources

Legal Encyclopedias

New York Jurisprudence BookNew York Jurisprudence

     New York Jurisprudence offers information on both civil and criminal law in New York. Each entry will lead you to primary and secondary sources on your topic.   

What does is offer?

  • Examines civil and criminal New York law 

  • Examines substantive and procedural law 

  • Based on State statutes and Federal and State case law    

  • Broad overview of the law 

  • References to other secondary materials and to primary materials                         

  • Contains Key Numbers 

Online Edition: 

     Available through Westlaw and Lexis. 

     Scroll through the topics or search via keyword to find the entries that are most useful to you. You may not know which keywords to use at the start. Clicking through the table of contents entries can offer direction to refine your search.  

     To locate, go to secondary sources tab on either Westlaw or Lexis. Click New York then look for New York Jurisprudence 2d 

Physical Edition: 

     Look in the General Index (A-Z) for your keywords. Follow those to the topic and volume to look in.  Remember to always check the pocket part.  

     Call number: KFN5065 .N48 (Ask a librarian for access)

Carmody Wait Book


     Just like New York Jurisprudence, Carmody-Wait offers discussions and entries on various aspects of New York Law. These include both criminal and civil subjects with a focus on procedure. The focus of Carmody-Wait is on the "adjective law" (not substantive) which includes the laws of evidence and the laws of practice and procedure.  This encyclopedia offers cases, common phrases, and even sample forms that may be used. Additionally, Westlaw offers access to the index which may be searched in the same way you might search the physical index. 

What does it offer?

  • Examines the law governing the practice and procedure of civil and criminal case law in New York 

  • Matters relating to the presentation of evidence in both civil and criminal cases 

  • Full treatment of New York Civil Practice 

  • Comprehensive coverage of criminal procedure including rights of accused under both the Federal and state constitutions. 

  • Includes practice forms 

  • Both physical and online editions offer access to an index 

     To locate, go to secondary sources tab on Westlaw. Click New York then look for Carmody-Wait 2d 

American Jurisprudence

     American Jurisprudence BooksAmerican Jurisprudence (AMJUR) contains articles on over 400 legal topics regarding American law including civil and criminal law as well as state and federal law, and substantive and procedural law. Each topic includes annotations referencing important cases, keywords, forms, trial techniques that can help you in your research. 

What does it offer?

  • Extensive footnotes to cases and statutes and other secondary materials 

  • Contains key numbers 

  • Available through Westlaw and Lexis 

  • Descriptive word index, and table of laws and rules available through Westlaw 

To locate, go to secondary sources tab on either Westlaw or Lexis.

Call number: KF154 .A42 (Ask a librarian for access) 

 Corpus Juris SecundumCorpus Juris Secundum Book

     Similar to AMJUR, Corpus Juris Secundum (CJS) offers both federal and state entries. In CJS you will find summaries of laws, keywords, limitations and exceptions to rules, references to cases, and both a federal and local perspective.  

What does it offer? 

  • State and federal law 

  • Extensive footnotes to cases, statutes and other secondary sources 

  • Contains key numbers 

  • Available on Westlaw with index 

     To locate, go to secondary sources tab on Westlaw, click Jurisprudence & Encyclopedias, then look for Corpus Juris Secundum