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American Law Reports

American Law Report BooksAmerican Law Reports

The American Law Reports or A.L.R. offers in-depth analysis of specific legal issues. Each entry contains a detailed analysis of the issue along with a comprehensive list of related cases. Additionally, each entry contains links to other helpful entries within the A.L.R. or to other legal encyclopedias such as AMJUR. It is a great place to begin research and an excellent source for finding materials in other jurisdictions. There are six series of the A.L.R and two series of the A.L.R. Fed. Each is available both as a physical copy as well as an online resource through Westlaw and Lexis.

What does it offer?

  • great at finding common law among different jurisdictions
  • selectively reports and annotates cases considered to be most important
  • in-depth discussion of a specific legal issue
  • objective in nature offering both sides to a particular issue
  • contains references to cases, statutes and other relevant materials
  • contains key numbers

Using the Index

For all online series:

     The updated and complete A.L.R. index is available digitally via Westlaw.

For all print series: 

     Use the A.L.R. Index Complete Series (KF132.6 A46) but be aware that the index only covers A.L.R 6th up to volume 31 and A.L.R. Fed 2d up to volume 30.  It is a multivolume hardcover descriptive word index.

     For A.L.R. 3d  through A.L.R. 6th, you should use the A.L.R. Quick Index (red) located at KF132.6 A45.

     For A.L.R. Fed and A.L.R. Fed 2d, you should use the A.L.R. Federal Quick Index located at KF132 .A725.

     Make sure you check the pocket part of the index for the most up to date information.

Location:  1st Floor in Library   

A.L.R.    KF132 .A5

A.L.R. 2d 

KF132 .A52
A.L.R. 3d KF132 .A53
A.L.R. 4th KF132 .A54
A.L.R. 5th  KF132 .A55
A.L.R. 6th     KF132 .A56
A.L.R. Fed     KF132 .A7
A.L.R. Fed 2d  KF132 .A72

Remember To:


  • Check to see if the annotation has been superseded or supplemented before you begin to read it.
  • When using the physical copies look at the Annotation History Table that is located in the T-Z volume of the ALR Index Complete Series or KeyCite or Shepardize the annotation.
  • Check the pocket part to the index as well to the volume of the A.L.R. that has your article.


  • Never cite to the A.L.R. as a source of a case; Always Cite to the reporter.