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Library Orientation Guide

Computer Labs and Printers

Computer Labs, Printers, Copiers & Scanners

Two computer labs are located on the 3rd floor of the library. When a computer lab is closed for classroom instruction, a sign will be posted in front of the computer lab at the beginning of the day, indicating when the lab will be closed on that day.

You can print from the computer labs, from your own device, or from the web. 

Wireless access to the law school’s online network is available throughout the library. Study rooms and study tables are equipped with power for laptops. Laptops can be formatted to print to the library printers.

Upload a document to your papercut account to print from the web. Choose the law library printer from the list then go to any printer in the library to print your document. It will already be uploaded to your account.

Remember, you will have to log on to the printer with your ID or with your email and password to release print jobs.

For more detailed instructions see signs next to printers.

Printers are located on every floor of the library. Students receive 1000 free prints. The Lexis printers also provide free prints. If you need additional prints you may buy more.

Photocopiers are available as part of the printer.

BookScan Stations are located on the 1st floor (on the circulation desk) & the 3rd floor (in the printing area outside the computer labs). You can scan and save to a USB drive or email. No fee.