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Welcome to the Gould Law Library: Print Materials

This guide gives an overview of the materials in the Gould Law Library. Library policies are briefly explained

Case Law Research

Digests are valuable tools that are used to find relevant cases.  The following are a few examples of digests and reports in print that will help you in your case-law research.  There are many ways to search through these sets.  See a reference librarian for help.

Federal Practice Digest (KF127 .F52) First Floor

American Law Reports (KF245 .A5) First Floor

Words and Phrases (KF156 .W672) First Floor--Reference

New York Digests (KFN5057 .A2) Second Floor

Primary Sources

The Gould Law Library has an extensive collection of primary sources (cases, statutes, rules and regulations). For assistance locating any of these sources, please see a librarian in the reference office. 

Common Law:

Common law, or case law, can be found in print on both the first and second floors of the library.  The U.S. Reports (KF101 .A2) Federal Reporter (KF 105 .W4) and all regional reporters (KF135 .A7-KF135 .S8) are located on the first floor directly across from the circulation desk.  The New York Reports (KFN5045 .A2), New York Supplements (KFN5045 .A32), and New York Appellate Division Reports (KFN5048 .A2) are located on the second floor of the library. 


The library has federal and most state statutes available in print.  Statutes at Large and the United States Code (KF61 .A2) are located on the first floor.  It is important to note that annotated codes such as the United States Code Annotated (KF62 .SW4) and the United States Code Service (KF62 .L28) are also located on the first floor, adjacent to the non-annotated codes.  All state statutes, including Mckinney's Consolidated Laws of New York (KFN5030 .A2 M38) and Mckinney's Consolidated Laws of New York Annotated (KFN5030 1939 .A23), are located on the second floor. 

Administrative Law:

Administrative Laws are the rules and regulations passed by federal agencies.  The library stores the publications containing administrative laws on the first floor of the library.  The major publications are the Federal Register (KF70 .A2) and the Code of Federal Regulations (KF70 .A3).

Secondary Sources

In addition to primary sources, the library has information that helps to explain and interpret the law.  The kinds of secondary sources the library has available in print include treatises, law reviews, and legal encyclopedias. These will undoubtedly facilitate your research.  Again, please see a reference librarian during reference hours for any help you may need.

Legal Encyclopedias:

Legal encyclopedias are secondary sources that describe and explain the law.  Though they tend to rely mostly on case-law in their summaries, they are nevertheless excellent introductory materials into the entire body of the law.  The library has in print the two most recognized national legal encyclopedias: American Jurisprudence 2d (KF154 .A42) and Corpus Juris Secundum (KF154 .C67).  Both of these are located on the first floor of the library in the Reference section.  New York's legal encyclopedia, New York Jurisprudence 2d (KFN5065 .N48), is located on the second floor of the library.

Law Reviews:

Law reviews are academic legal journals that are usually published at regular intervals (i.e. quarterly) throughout the year.  The Gould Law Library subscribes to many legal journals published by the top law schools in the country.  All periodicals, including the most recently published law reviews, are located on the concourse level. 


Treatises address a particular topic of law and summarize and analyze the topic, often evaluating common law in their explanations.  They generally serve as vital legal research guides in a specialized field.  The types of treatises vary and can range from multivolume sets to single monographs on narrow topics.  Treatises are scattered throughout the library.  Many are located on the first and second floors.  The Reserve room also has popular treatises, such as hornbooks, handbooks, manuals and Nutshells that will help you better understand a certain legal topic. 

Foreign and International Law

The library has an extensive and developing Foreign and International Law print section.  The section contains constitutions as well as treatises. Information on topics such as International Arbitration, Human Rights and other legal and ethical issues can be found here.  This section is located on the second floor of the library. 

Other Materials

General books (A-JX, L-Z) unrelated to law, but which could still be helpful in your research, are located in the compact shelving area on the concourse level.  Outdated law materials that have newer editions in the Main Collection are located in the Storage Area next to the general books.