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The Gould Law Library: Library Policies

This guide gives an overview of the materials in the Gould Law Library. Library policies are briefly explained


Please be quiet in all areas of the library not designated as "Quiet Conversation Areas."

Study rooms are NOT sound-proof.  You will be asked to leave a study room if your group is too loud and distracting students outside the study rooms.


The Gould Law Library has enacted a number of rules and policies in order to keep the library a comfortable and professional study space for all students, faculty and other patrons. For an in-depth look at our policies, including food and drink, lost materials, and study room reservations, please click here.


Things to remember

Any lost items will be brought to the security desk if found. 

You can reserve a study room up to 24 hours in advance.  You will forfeit your reservation if you are more than fifteen minutes late. 

The First Floor soft seating area is for Quiet Conversation.

Reserve books are at the circulation desk and can be checked out for two hours.

Printers and copy machines are located on all floors of the library. Scanners are on the first and third floors.

Library passes to access academic libraries in the New York area are available at the circulation desk to students with a Touro Law ID.

The Library is open on Saturdays.  Please see the circulation desk for more information on library hours.

There are bathrooms on every floor except for the concourse level.


Food Policy

The Library is not a cafeteria.  Meals are not permitted. A "meal" includes, but is not limited to, pizza, sandwiches, pasta, any item generally eaten with a utensil, and any item a reasonable person would consider a "meal." Please have respect for your fellow students and your institution by eating any meals outside of the library. The only permitted items are snacks (chips, pretzels, a banana, etc.). Drinks are acceptable in spill-proof containers. Any violation of the food policy may result in library privileges being suspended or revoked.